Democratic National Convention 2016 Monday July 25th

ken fullerI am today experiencing and participating in an event significant in US history regardless of whom you will decide to vote in November. In this city of our birth as a nation, Philadelphia, I along with over 4700 other delegates from all the Congressional Districts of this country, join to nominate the first woman to be nominated by either Party as its standard bearer for President of the United States, our Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

I am extremely proud to have been chosen by my neighbors and friends to represent the 13th Congressional District at the Democratic National Convention 2016.

My life spent as a Democrat who stayed the course, while most others of my friends abandoned my party, one I have always seen as the party of the people, is a decision in which I am unabashedly proud. Let me be clear that the staying has not been without pain. This is especially true for one, like me, born with “the politician’s curse” – the desire to be loved and accepted by every single person he meets.

The choice not to abandon the party of my Grandfather Grover Cleveland Fuller, and that of his father, is the result of my belief that the Democratic Party has always represented the belief that all people, of all races, creeds, and national origins, make our nation stronger. We are and have always been a party of inclusion that has led the way in stitching together this diverse cloth into a great nation that is made stronger in its diversity.

We here in Philly are an amazing amalgamation of people from all walks of life, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asian Americans, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists. We are a body politic of love and respect for our differences. We are united in one thing and that is that this country is still the greatest country on earth and that we will not be made better by dividing us against each other by words of hate and division. We are a nation of immigrants, not one of walls or of inciting fear and separation. I am proud of my party and a proud boy of the South.

As one concerned about how Rome can come together as “one people”, putting behind us the shameful things of our past, I am encouraged here in Philly in being a part of a great gathering of people, a political party, that has, over the past 35 years, found its way to proud inclusiveness and respect for all people.

I am proud to stand on this side of history, with my party, proudly refusing to yield to hate, fear mongering, or the building of barrier walls.

Ken Fuller
Monday July 25,2016
Philadelphia, Pa.

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  1. Terrell Shaw says:

    Thank you so much for your service to our nation, our state, and our community Ken. I wish I could be there with you.

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