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Governor’s Education Reform Commission proposes McEducation for Georgia youth

Monday, December 28th, 2015

mikereynoldsBumper stickers add welcome moments of laughter to our drive time but are generally unreliable descriptions of reality. They disguise and omit too much. Here is an exception — “Think Education Is Expensive? Try Ignorance.” It is true for individuals but also true for communities.

Gov. Nathan Deal believes education for our children is too expensive and if he has his way, we, as well as future generations, will bear the cost for his misguided policy of underfunded public education. The bill will come due as accumulating expense for lost jobs, poor population health, increased crime, and eroded aspirations among Georgians for a better life for their sons and daughters. (more…)

Weeping Willow: Sometimes it’s just good to smile

Monday, December 21st, 2015

charles loveAs a young boy, we lived on a farm where I could run free, sometimes into the woods. These woods bordered our farm, and I often found a place that was quiet and serene.

I was not afraid, you know, of snakes, lizards, wild animals and all the things that you would think was in the woods that could possible do harm. You see, I was a child with a vivid imagination and while in the woods I found my quite place. (more…)

Chapel of St. Luke: 68 years of hope, healing

Monday, December 14th, 2015

rex hussmannWhen Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital closed on June 30, 2011, it marked the first time in 68 years that the purpose of this 130-acre site ceased to be a mission of hope and healing. From the very beginning, the hospital chapel, named in 1956 for St. Luke, has been an integral part of this exemplary mission at the three hospitals which have occupied this location.

Right now the acreage sits vacant within the city limits of Rome, not only failing to provide hope and healing, but generating no tax revenue as well. City leaders would like to change that. (more…)

Our past is not past

Monday, December 7th, 2015

mikereynoldsThe past is never dead. It’s not even past.” — William Faulkner

The unending torment of American racism preoccupies the nation after a season of murders of unarmed black men and children. The crimes have spotlighted the corrosion of justice brought on by recent decades of zero-tolerance law enforcement and mandatory sentencing law. Communities of poor African Americans have borne the brunt of the violence. (more…)

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