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Tax increase for 80 percent of Georgians in the works

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Mike ReynoldsThe anti-tax forces overran the Kansas legislature in 2012 giving Gov. Sam Brownback free reign to declare a “march to zero income tax.” Income tax rates for individuals were slashed and corporate income tax eliminated.

Governor Brownback held a pull-out-the-stops press conference announcing that this tax cut would produce an immediate boom in the state’s economy and make Kansas a destination for business. He said “It would be a shot of adrenaline into the heart of the Kansas economy.” The Wichita Eagle reported projections of $1 billion left in taxpayers’ bank accounts, touted thousands of new jobs on the way, and robust population growth. (more…)

Take it from Donald Trump, our election system is broken

Monday, August 24th, 2015

R. Rex HussmannOur system of running this country is broken. Ordinary people, including those who consider themselves the middle class, are falling behind. A June 2014 Pew Study found that 62 percent of Americans think the economic system favors the powerful. This includes the likes of Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. It includes 68 percent of young conservative voters and 48 percent of the most conservative voters. It includes me.

It also includes Donald Trump. I don’t think we have a more credible witness to how the system works than Mr. Trump. During the primetime version of the first Republican debate on Aug. 6, Mr. Trump told all of America how the system works for a big-time player like himself. (more…)

Is education still important in Georgia?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

kenneth fullerNicholas Kristof, a columnist for the New York Times, recently suggested that we have now become the socially rigid society our forebears fled, replicating the barriers and class gaps that drove them away. If he is right, then what does this mean for our children and grandchildren? Is this still the land of opportunity for them?

Kristof’s conclusions are drawn from the fact that the wage and wealth gap in the United States of America is now larger than at any other time in history. The fact is that the wage gap between the American worker and his CEO shows that the boss now earns 300 times the wage of the average worker. (more…)

The 2016 election and your Social Security and Medicare

Monday, August 10th, 2015

kenneth fullerJeb Bush said something recently that suggested he’d destroy Medicare if elected president. Later, he backtracked a little, saying that’s not what he meant and in fact he only wants to strengthen it. He says he would actually keep it for people who are currently on it but, “we need to figure out a way to phase out this program for others and move to a new system that allows them to have something — because they’re not going to have anything.” (more…)

The Iran deal is a big deal

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

R. Rex HussmannThe Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (hereafter referred to as The Deal) is a nuclear agreement signed on July 14, 2015, in Vienna, Austria. The historic agreement came after two years of negotiation, with Iran sitting on one side of the table and a coalition of NATO countries on the other side. Led by the United States, the other signatories to the treaty include the remaining permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia) along with the European Union. All of these countries have signed on to The Deal. These countries are big-time players on the world stage. The U.S. did not negotiate The Deal with Iran all by itself. (more…)

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